Hi there! I’m Courtney…

I am a wife, mom, sister, daughter & friend. I have two awesome little girls that have beautifully turned our world upside down. And together, my Husband and I tackle every day by trial and error, grace and a lot of help from our families.

To be perfectly honest, I never would have thought that my fancy little Psychology degree from Central Washington University would have landed me here as a full time photographer…

I am self-taught.. Five years ago I started my business not knowing one.single.thing except that I LOVED it. Never did I think I would make a living or be able to support our family. I didn’t know about shooting in manual. Had no idea about aperture, shutter speed, or ISO. I didn’t know what white-balance meant. Studio lighting was about as scary as a bad nightmare. And I had no idea about composition or what different lenses did. I didn’t know anything about the different editing programs or any of the hundreds of tools in photoshop. But the one thing that kept me itching for more and a desire to learn was my serious passion for it. And perhaps that’s why my business has grown more than I ever thought possible and why it quickly became an unexpected full-time job. Thank goodness for google, you-tube, and lots and lots of practice. So here I am now, unbelievably blessed and shocked I ever made it.

I would love to connect and get to learn a little bit about you and what brought you here! Let’s connect!

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