Hi there! I’m Courtney! I specialize in newborn photography and family sessions in the greater Seattle area.

I am a wife and mom… I have two awesome little girls that have beautifully turned our world upside down. And together, my Husband and I tackle every day by trial and error, grace and a lot of help from our family. I know first hand how challenging (and rewarding!) parenting can be. It’s tough and because of that we want to hang on to all the special moments forever and ever. But how do we do that?  Thats where I come in… I will help capture those sweet moments to hang beautifully in your home. There’s something to be said for that photo of everyone looking at the camera, when each child has the best smile,  where everyone’s hair is perfect, clothes are perfect and so on…  but one of my favorite photos I ever took of our girls was when my youngest daughter, Harlow, refused to put her dang foot in the dang sandal… let’s just say it was her own way of having a little bit of control which kept her happy and silly for the photos. Let’s not get caught up on the ‘perfect’ image, let’s just enjoy their perfectly imperfect selves because those images are what will make your mommy heart truly burst. Said image below… every time I see that little foot I laugh and smile. It’s hanging in a huge frame in our living room!

I often describe myself as an extroverted introvert and I think that’s why I love this job SO much! When I’m shooting I get to socialize with YOU and your kids. I get to have fun conversations and meet new families. We get to be silly and run around, but when the session ends I get to recharge in my office for hours on end as I edit your gorgeous gallery.

I would love to chat and get to learn a little bit about you and what brought you here! Let’s connect!

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