As a teenager I was the friend that had the camera, the one that took excessive amounts of photos, edited photos for no reason at all except just simply loving the artistic process. In high school I dabbled in photography classes but being a daughter of two Dentists I never once acknowledged photography as a sustainable career path. My parents were my biggest supporters ALWAYS encouraging me to do anything I wanted as long as I loved it, but to me, I saw College as the golden ticket to a successful future.

Flash forward, I studied all over – from Minnesota State, to Australia at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and then finally settled in at Central Washington University. I received my Bachelor’s in Psychology and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my fancy little degree would instead land me here, as a professional photographer, but here we are. And I am so glad I made the leap of faith towards a career I LOVE which took many years of hard work, motivation, mistakes, humility, resilience, and a ton of passion. 

TAKE THE PHOTO: In the chaotic midst of parenting and life I forget certain photos were ever taken – it’s all such a big blur. Looking back at old photos of our girls hits my heart. It’s like I get a little dose of serotonin each time….Medicine I didn’t know I needed. 

MEMORIES: My husband and I often joke about his lack of memories as a child. He has very few compared to me and I love analyzing it… The psych. major in me wants to understand all the reasons why and through our conversations about his lack of details growing up I began realizing that the memories I remembered the MOST as a child were usually the ones that were printed. We would pull out albums, go through photos and I would listen to all the stories and memories from that photo. Growing up, my family had SO MANY ALBUMS and as a little girl I remember sitting in our living room going through them constantly. I was able to see a recently taken photo, remember details of that memory or day, and then re-live it every time the album was opened. These repetitive exposures to photo albums and conversations around the photos are now happy memories engrained in my memory bank forever that could have, sadly, just as easily been a lost moment in time. 

“Each session has been fantastic. Courtney is great with our kids and always professional, friendly, and makes the sessions fun!”

-Kendall & Rich Lytle